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What Are Mouthguards And Why Do I Need One?

Mouthguards are special protective coverings for your teeth to help minimize the risk of tooth injury during sports. They can also help protect your lips, face, jaw, and tongue from injuries. A mouthguard normally covers your upper teeth. Mouthguards can also be used to prevent tooth grinding at night.

“A mouthguard should be on the must-have list of your sports gear from an early age,” says Dr. Norris who is our resident dentist at Hammond Dental. Remember, athletes, are at higher risk of teeth and mouth injures. A mouthguard is an essential item for people of all ages.

What Are The Types Of Mouthguards?

There are three types of mouthguards:

  • Custom-made mouthguard: This will be fabricated in a lab, based on dental impressions taken by Dr. Norris. They are specially customized to each patient, so they will fit you perfectly. These kinds of mouthguards typically last longer than the standard mouthguard.
  • Stock Mouthguard: A stock mouthguard is not customized for you. You can wear it right after buying it. Stock mouthguards do not fit well in most cases however they are a much cheaper option. The cheaper price sacrifices some of the conveniences of the custom-made mouth guard like, not being molded to your teeth, and they are more difficult to breathe out of.
  • Boil and Bite Mouth Piece Protector: These mouth protectors are semi-customized, meaning that they are first made soft by dipping it in boiling water, and then put it in your mouth so that they mold to your teeth. These kinds of mouthguards are readily available to buy at the store and re very cheap, however, they do not last very long.




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Why Is It Wise To Use A Mouthguard When Playing Sports?

Remember, accidents can happen at any time during sports; therefore it’s a good idea to use a mouthguard because a blow to the face or mouth has the potential to damage your braces and other fixed bridgework. Your provider can best determine the type of mouthguard you should wear if you are wearing braces.

I Am Wearing Braces. Can I Wear A Mouthguard?

If you are wearing braces, it becomes even more important for you to wear a mouthguard because a blow to the face or mouth has the potential to damage your braces and other fixed bridgework. Your dentist can best determine the type of mouthguard you should wear if you are wearing braces.

How Should I Care For My Mouthguard?

Caring for your mouthguard is very easy to do and does not require any kind of special soaps or cleaners to keep it sanitized.

Here are some simple and useful tips for caring and keeping your mouthguard clean:

  • Wash your mouthguard before and after each use. Typically you would want to scrub the mouthguard with toothpaste just like you would your teeth.
  • Occasionally wash your mouthguard in soapy water.
  • Store your mouthguard inside a clean container.
  • Avoid leaving your mouthguard in the sun or exposed to heat for long periods of time.
  • Always check your mouthguard for wear and tear so that it can be replaced.

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How To Get A Mouthguard In Sandy Springs, GA

Remember the best mouth and teeth protection tool is a custom-made mouth. If you live in the Sandy Springs area you are in luck because our dental specialist has extensive experience making custom mouthguards. He has already made mouthguards for thousands of patients. Custom-made mouthguards are easy to wear and your provider will take measurements of your mouth so that the resulting mouthguard will not cause any discomfort for you during sports.

If you prefer to wear other types of mouthguards, Dr. Norris can help you with that too. She will thoroughly examine your mouth and teeth, then recommend the type of mouthguard that is the best fit for your situation. She will give her expert opinion on whether a stock or “boil and bite” mouthguard would be the best option for your mouth. 

If you wear braces or other fixed dental tools, your dentist can create the best mouthguard for your teeth that would cover your braces and better protect your mouth from injury. Typically, mouthguards are required for the upper jaw, but if you are also wearing braces on the lower teeth, your provider may recommend you wear a mouthguard on the lower teeth as well.

How Much Does a Mouthguard Cost?

The price of your mouthguard depends on the type of mouthguard that you are getting. A custom made mouthguard can cost anywhere from $300 – $500. A stock mouthguard can cost anywhere from $100-$200 while you can buy a boil and bite mouth guard for less than $20. Remember, some of the cheaper options are not going to be custom molded to fir your mouth so they may not fit your teeth as well as you would like.

Type of Mouthguard Price
Custom Fitted Mouthguard $300 – $500
Stock Mouthguard $100 – $200
Boil and Bite

Will A Mouthguard Prevent Me From Grinding My Teeth At Night?

Most people grind their teeth at night without even realizing it. A little bit of teeth grinding is common but when it begins to occur on a regular basis your teeth can begin to get damaged. A variety of things can cause you to grind your teeth like stress, anxiety, an abnormal bite, or missing or crooked teeth. Sleep apnea is also another major cause of tooth grinding. 

If grinding your teeth at night is an ongoing problem for you then getting a mouthguard it very important to preserve the integrity and structure of your mouth. Long term grinding can cause teeth to wear down and become lose.


Protect Your Teeth Today With Mouthguards!

No one wants to have a sports injury happen to them, but when they do happen you want to be prepared. Mouthguards are your first and only line of defense against damaging your teeth when you’re active. Come in and see us today at Hammond Dental so our expert dental technicians can evaluate the condition of your mouth and give you the best treatment plan available. Contact us anytime for a consultation.


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