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Full Mouth Restoration Sandy Springs, GA

Hammond Dental is a General Dental practice that also offers specialist dental care. Some of the general dental procedures we offer include teeth cleanings, fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures. Our specialized procedures include but are not limited to, root canals, tooth extractions, clear smile aligners, and dental implants. Located in Sandy Springs, GA, we gladly give metro-Atlanta remarkable dental care and while utilizing the most modern dental technology and practices. Bring the whole family and receive quality dental care all under one roof!

We like to ensure that you’re the most educated about your teeth and procedures prior to settling on treatment options. You can find out about our dental strategies and how they are performed by reading about some of our services. Book your appointment and talk to one of our experienced dentists today.

What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation, reconstruction, and restoration are all terms used to describe the process of rebuilding or restoring all teeth in the lower jaw and upper jaw. This type of dental work is typically accomplished using several different procedures to ultimately redo a patient’s entire smile. It may include crowns, bridges, veneers, and also require the participation of other dental professionals, like an orthodontist. Whether the reconstruction is due to significant tooth decay or as a cosmetic measure, full mouth rehabilitation can restore a patient’s smile and overall confidence.

When Reconstruction is Necessary

Full mouth reconstruction can be necessary for a variety of reasons: some patients seek this treatment due to severe tooth decay or past failed dental restorations. Patients may also get reconstructive work to improve the look of their teeth and overall self-esteem.
Furthermore, patients may also need reconstruction to replace or restore teeth lost or decayed due to trauma, like a fracture or injury. Teeth that have been worn down from bruxism (teeth grinding) or eroded due to poor enamel or lifestyle choices may also require rehabilitation or replacement.

Full Mouth Concerns

As previously mentioned, there can be a multitude of reasons patients choose to get dental reconstruction. The specific problems patients wish to address will affect the type of treatment that they receive. For example, a patient concerned with the cosmetics of their teeth would not have a tooth extracted and replaced with a dental implant. At Hammond Dental, we work hard to provide our patients with the best treatment that is necessary for their specific needs and preferences. Everyone’s mouth and situations are different, we deliver custom treatment plans tailored exactly for you.




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Gum Concerns

Many patients who have concerns with their gums can often attribute them to periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. This is an infection of the gums that, if left untreated, can ultimately lead to bleeding in the gums, deterioration of the gums, and even bone loss. The first step in treating periodontal disease is to get an SRP, or scaling and root planing. Patients may also require bone grafting to help regrow the bone that was lost due to infection. Another reason patients may seek gum treatment is to lengthen the appearance of their teeth because of having a “gummy” smile. In this case, the Doctor would use laser treatment to gently recede the gum line and increase the appearance of the patient’s teeth. Below is a description of each procedure:

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can serve to treat periodontal disease and can also improve the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. In this procedure, the dentist will numb the area using a local anesthetic, then use the laser to either remove infected tissue or shave gum tissue to reveal more of the crowns of the patient’s teeth. As a result, gum contouring leaves the patient with a smile they love.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a procedure in which bone pulp is inserted into the jaw bone where bone density is low. Once the bone is inserted into the patient’s jaw, it will usually take up to six months for the bone to integrate properly and grow strong enough to support dental restorations. This procedure can help increase the chances of healing gums and maintaining a patient’s natural smile.

SRP – Deep Cleaning

An SRP is a procedure required for the treatment of periodontal disease that has two different steps. In the scaling portion, the hygienist will remove the plaque and tartar from the tooth and root. In the root planing portion, the roots of teeth are smoothed to ensure that the gums will be able to reattach to the teeth, where the infection has pulled it away.

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Concerns with Teeth

Patients with concerns about their teeth usually have some degree of tooth decay-causing them trouble. This often manifests with a cavity that has not been treated properly, which eventually turns to something more troublesome. Treatment for decaying teeth will vary depending on the severity of decay and the number of teeth affected. Often times with tooth infections, treatment is root canal therapy that is completed with a crown. If the decay is extreme enough, teeth may need to be extracted and replaced with either dentures or dental implants. Below is a full description of each option:

Tooth Extraction of infected tooth

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, or “caps,” are tooth-shaped onlays that restore the shape, size, and strength of the natural tooth. The crown seals the site of a root canal to ensure the tooth does not get infected again. In a root canal, the Doctor will clean out all infection from the root cavity and fill with cement. This saves the natural tooth and looks just like your real teeth.

Dental Implants

When teeth need to be extracted, dental implants are the gold- standard in replacing missing teeth. Unlike other replacement options, implants anchor into the jaw bone to prevent bone loss common in missing teeth. The implant procedure can require bone grafting if bone loss has already begun, but implants are made to last a lifetime.


For patients who need many teeth extracted, dentures can be a great option to replace teeth. Dentures can cover a complete or partial arch in the mouth and can also be implant-supported. This makes them more secure in the mouth and eliminates the issue of bone loss. Dentures are a great natural-looking solution to missing teeth.

Aesthetic Concerns

Sometimes patients seek to have full mouth reconstruction to improve the appearance of their smile though nothing is technically wrong. In this case, patients can have any combination of different cosmetic treatments. Few treatment options will address all of the patient’s concerns in one simple treatment, but treatment can be combined to help patients achieve the smiles of their dreams. For example, whitening can be combined with clear aligners, veneers, crowns, or all of the above to completely redo a smile and restore the patient’s confidence. Below is a description of each cosmetic procedure:

Clear Aligner

Clear Aligners are a cosmetic option for patients who are looking for straighter teeth without the discomfort and look of braces. The trays are specially shaped for each patient and ultimately realign their smile. Patients can achieve the straight smile they’ve always wanted while avoiding the hassle of gluing wires to their teeth as with braces.

Teeth Whitening

Whether reversing years of stains or simply brightening up your smile, teeth whitening can be a great way for patients to refresh their smiles. Whitening is recommended before any restorative treatment to ensure a shade match with crowns, veneers, etc. Whitening results may vary due to many factors, but it is a great addition to cosmetic restoration.


Dental Veneers are porcelain covers for patients who would like to cosmetically enhance their smile. They can address most aesthetic concerns, like gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, teeth that are too small, dull teeth, and more. Veneers are a great cosmetic solution to painlessly and quickly give patients a brand new smile.

Jaw or Bite Concerns

It is imperative to have a stable bite – one that does not cause you pain when you chew or close your mouth, which can be destructive to your teeth. Some patients may require orthodontics and other treatment to correct occlusion before other procedures to restore your mouth can be done. Clear aligners could be a great option for patients who need to adjust their bite to prevent any shifting. Additionally, mouthguards can help patients from grinding their teeth and altering their bite further. In extreme cases, some patients may be referred to an orthodontist for more extensive treatment options.


Pricing for full mouth reconstruction will vary greatly between patients and will depend on the patient’s specific needs and preferences for the restoration. Additionally, many procedures can be partially covered by insurance. Prices listed below do not include coverage that patients may have from their dental insurance. Many insurance plans use a 100-80-50 format of coverage, which means preventative care is covered at 100%, basic procedures at 80%, and major procedures at 50%. However, benefits will vary depending on the patient’s specific plan, so patients should contact their insurance company for exact coverage. At Hammond Dental, we will submit dental insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients.

Procedure Price
Laser Gum Treatment $200 – $1,500 per region
Bone Grafting $400 – $500
SRP (Deep Cleaning)
$200 – $325 per quadrant
Crown + Root Canal
$2,000 – $2,450 per tooth
Dental Implants
$2,750 – $3,250 per unit
Dentures $684 – 1,400
Extractions $153 – $252 per tooth
Clear Aligners
$930 – $3,800
Teeth Whitening
$526 – $1,112 per unit

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