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Hammond Dental is a General Dental practice that also offers specialist dental care. Some of the general dental procedures we offer include teeth cleanings, fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures. Our specialized procedures include but are not limited to, root canals, tooth extractions, clear smile aligners, and dental implants. Located in Sandy Springs, GA, we gladly give metro-Atlanta remarkable dental care and while utilizing the most modern dental technology and practices. Bring the whole family and receive quality dental care all under one roof!

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What are Clear Aligners?

New Smile Clear Aligners are a cosmetic option for patients who are looking for straighter teeth without the discomfort and look of braces. Clear aligners are trays specially shaped for each patient that ultimately realigns their smile. Patients can achieve the straight smile they have always wanted, while avoiding the hassle of gluing wires to their teeth like with braces.

How Do They Work?

First, the Doctor will conduct a comprehensive exam and X-rays to verify that this is the best treatment for the patient. Once the Doctor clears the patient for treatment, he will take impressions of the patient’s mouth. After impressions are taken, a treatment plan is made digitally with the impressions and X-rays and is finally sent to the dental lab.

At the second visit, the patient will receive the first set of trays of the treatment. The trays are specially designed for the patient’s teeth to conform to their teeth while gradually adjusting the teeth. The patient will need to return to the office at determined intervals (usually 2-3 weeks) until the completion of treatment. Patients will begin seeing results from their aligners in as little as 4 weeks of treatment!

The number of trays and visits a patient will need will depend on the extent of the treatment needed to achieve a straighter smile. At the first visit, the Doctor will be able to determine how many trays and visits will be required in order to complete the treatment.

Before and After Clear Smile Aligners

When Clear Aligners Are Necessary

Clear aligners are almost never a necessary treatment, but they are an excellent option for patients who are looking to discreetly improve their smile. They can improve a patient’s confidence and restore their smile in just 2-6 months, and patients will begin to see results in as little as four weeks of treatment. Patients who are interested in New Smile Clear Aligners can set up a free consultation with Hammond Dental to find out more information on the procedure.

Picture of Clear Aligners being place onto Teeth

Am I a Candiate for Aligners?

Most patients are candidates for clear aligners. Whether it is to fix a minor gap or to fix several teeth that are not seated properly, aligners can help a wide variety of smiles. At your free consultation with Hammond Dental, your Doctor will be able to tell you for sure what the best course of action is for your mouth. Patients who essentially need a total mouth makeover may need to seek braces as their orthodontic solution, but again most patients are candidates for the clear aligners.

Picture of Clear Aligners being place onto Teeth




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Clear Aligners vs. Invisalign

New Smile Clear Aligners are very similar to Invisalign in process and appearance. Though, clear aligners are generally a much cheaper option than Invisalign. Since Invisalign was the first to create the concept of clear aligners, they are the better known option for patients who are looking to straighten their smile without braces, but they are essentially the same. The two options accomplish the same objective: straight teeth without braces, but it is up to patients to determine which option is best for them.

How Aligners Differ From Braces

The obvious difference between the two is that braces require the patient to have wires on their teeth, while clear aligners are hardly even noticeable. Both options help the patient attain a straighter smile, but in very different ways. Braces are a great option for patients with large gaps between their teeth or with teeth overlapping excessively. Braces can also help patients better adjust their bites more effectively.

Conversely, New Smile Clear Aligners are perfect for patients who do not require extensive orthodontic treatment. The aligners do not use any adhesive to keep anything to the patient’s teeth, so patients do have to ensure the aligners are in their mouth for best results. Additionally, clear aligners allow patients to have the confidence of never covering their smile during treatment. Aligners can also help reinforce past orthodontic treatment that has shifted slightly over time.

Picture of Clear Aligner

Alternatives for Clear Aligners

Aside from braces, there are a few other options that we offer at Hammond Dental to help patients achieve the straight smile they have always dreamed of. Though clear aligners are an excellent option for patients looking for a straighter smile, there are other options available that are either less permanent or that accomplish more than simply straight teeth.

Model of Veneers

Dental Veneers

One option to straighten teeth is Veneers, both traditional and Lumineers, which are an ultra-thin alternative for veneers. Both options are essentially porcelain covers that are specifically made for each patient that will adhere to their teeth to bring out the straight, bright smile they have always wanted. While neither option physically moves any of the patient’s teeth, they still give patients a straight, beautiful smile.

Model of Veneers
Picture of Clear Aligners being place onto Teeth

Snap-On Smiles

Similarly, Snap-On Smiles give patients a straight smile without the physical movement of their teeth. Snap-On Smiles, unlike Clear Aligners and Veneers, is a completely reversible procedure that does not alter the patient’s natural teeth in anyway. Patients can place the specially made trays over their teeth to instantly transform their smile to make it brighter, whiter, and straighter. Patients can wear them for special events or every day, it is entirely up to the patient.


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New Smile Clear Aligners are a much cheaper alternative to both braces and the better known option for clear aligners, Invisalign. Since this is considered orthodontic treatment, there is a chance that insurance will not cover the treatment, but Hammond Dental does offer financing options, as well as accepting CareCredit. Patients who do have orthodontic coverage on their dental plan can expect their insurance company to cover a portion of the treatment. Pricing for the treatment will also vary greatly, depending on how many visits and trays the patient will require in order to complete treatment.

The Doctor will calculate the patient’s total cost of treatment at the initial visit and will consult with an orthodontist for the treatment plan. The price will vary depending on the following factors: if the patient will receive treatment on top teeth, bottom teeth, or both; level of required treatment for patient (on a scale from 1-4); and number of retainers required for the patient.

Patients classified as a Level 1 case will require only up to 3 aligners per arch. Level 2 patients require 4-6 aligners per arch, and Level 3 requires 7-12 aligners per arch. Level 4 requires more than 12 aligners per arch, but the cost of treatment will cover an unlimited number of trays until the completion of the patient’s treatment.


Procedure Price
Treatment Plan for Creation of Aligners $285
Orthodontist Review for Level 1-2 $117
Orthodontist Review for Level 3-4 $177
Level 1 Treatment $525 – $885 
Level 2 Treatment $975 – $1,425
Level 3 Treatment $1,875 – $2,325
Level 4 Treatment $3,375 – $3,825
Single Retainer $147

Is a Retainer Necessary After Treatment?

As with braces, patients should wear a retainer after completing treatment with New Smile Clear Aligners if prescribed by the Doctor. The retainer will help to reinforce the treatment done by the aligners and ensure that the patient’s teeth do not shift back to their original placement. The length of time and frequency with which patients should wear their retainer will be determined by the Doctor. Additionally, follow-up visits may be necessary to verify the teeth are not shifting back and that the patient is taking proper care of their new smile.

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Hammond Dental has years of experience in cosmetic restoration, and Dr. Norris works with his team of experienced and professional dental lab technicians to give patients all the information needed to make the right decision. Patients can schedule their free consultation to discuss their options and pricing with clear aligners by calling or texting our office at 770-637-1809. Hammond Dental can also be reached through Facebook Messenger, or patients can fill out the online form, which we will respond to as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you achieve your new, straighter smile!




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